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Over 50 interactive Soft Skill training programs

Task Scheduler

Convenient Diary for Entries

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What can I learn on the AEER Platform ?

Some useful skills and tools are rarely taught at school or university. That is why we have created the AEER Platform project so you could learn these skills:


Ability to write beautifully and express your thoughts

Brain and Neuroscience

Techniques for the development of cognitive abilities

Fast Reading

Ability to read quickly and absorb information efficiently


Methods of effective memorization of various information


Application of creative algorithms for solving non-trivial problems

Relationship Psychology

The ability to stay full with loved ones, and make them happy


Managing your emotions and mental state


Analysis of people's behavior, their gestures and facial expressions

Time management

Manage your time, the ability to plan and achieve goals


Techniques for the effective assimilation of new knowledge, skills and abilities


Understanding your strengths and weaknesses

Modern rhetorics

The ability to achieve your goals by public speaking

Cognitive science

Application of special thinking techniques to solve problems

Communication techniques

Methods of effective interaction with people

Language learning techniques

Special methods and mnemotechniques for learning any foreign language

Human health

Knowledge and skills on how to maintain your health at a good level

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